Gillitts Park Community Association

With an inaugural committee meeting on August 13, 2009, the Gillitts Park Neighbourhood Watch was formed out of a need to combat the spiraling crime rates which we had been experiencing. With an average of two housebreakings or hijackings per week and three known professional housebreaker gangs in operation in our area, the residents of Gillitts Extension 1 or Gillitts Park had had enough.

A group of residents met in the interests of working together to secure our neighbourhood in whatever way necessary. Discussions with SAPS and other neighbourhood watches soon led to the inclusion of SA CAN, whose communications and crime management solutions were then perfect for a community who wanted to actively fight back against crime and put the criminal elements in a cage where they belong.  

Since then the neighbourhood watch has evolved into a community association which focuses on three key areas, all with the common purpose of increasing security levels and fostering a peaceful and quality lifestyle.


Core Committee:


Jill Clark


Tracey Lynch

Vice Chair

Brian Collinge

Gillitts Conservancy Chairman

Martin Gardiner

Security Liaison

Denton Estment

Head of Patrol Group

Grant Laret

Group Leader - Patrols

Tracey Lynch

Committee Members

Tibor Kolosvari, Sarah Marais, Sherillee Johnson

Special Project and events committees are put together as and when these are scheduled.