Encompassing about 860 homes, 400 units in complexes and two small office parks, Gillitts Park Community Association mainly covers the area known as Gillitts Extension 1. This area is a beautiful, eco-friendly residential area, containing Iphithi Nature Reserve and many greenbelt parks with a variety of amenities.

The area contains nature walks, dams with fish, children’s playgrounds and a myriad of indigenous plants and trees. Residents also include Porcupine, Dassie, Duiker, Bushbuck, Tortoises, Waterfowl and many other bird species. The low crime levels in the area due to our work here have made it safe to spend a day at the Ashley Park Dam or in Iphithi Reserve fishing while the family picnics and feeds the ducks.

Geographically about 2km across, Gillitts Park is bounded by Hillcrest Park, Everton Conservancy, Everton Road, the M13 and Hillcrest Old Main Road.  See the map on the home page for the extent of the area.

Zone map - 2016