Visibility and Good communication!

Our research has shown that greater visibility for our neighbourhood watch security solutions has made a considerable extra impact on the crime levels in the area, expanding these efforts will protect the community even more.

If the criminal element knows that the community is alert, and response times are rapid, they tend to find easier places to work.

Projects we are working on:

Neighbourhood Watch activities:

  • Communication: We have divided the whole of Gillitts Park into zones and have loaded all our contact numbers onto What’s App groups.  This is to ensure you get urgent crime information instantly as well as for you to send alerts to your street and us of suspicious activity.  We ask you to please be a part of this simple, free and effective way to get and receive information quickly.
  • Rapid, reliable and effective response to any incidents and suspicious activity:  We need to have access to 24 hour emergency response services as well as fast and reliable communication with patrollers, emergency personnel and our neighbouring areas.  Criminals need to see that they just don’t have time to make mischief in our area. 
  • Visible camera network – We do already have a monitored patrol service on all entrances barring Deborah Crescent, which is on the goal list.   We ultimately want camera surveillance on most major intersections.  The visible presence of the cameras is in many ways as effective as the cameras!  
  •  Dedicated security vehicles to Gillitts Park –  The benefits of dedicated and well-marked vehicles in the area are enormous.  Some of the important benefits are high visible presence 24/7, fast reaction to personal alarm activations and immediate support for the citizen patrol group as well as gate to door escorts.
    • Blue has a dedicated vehicle to the area, and
    • Enforce has the camera mnitoring network and several vehicles very close by.
    • As always there are cost / support implication and we encourage residents to support either of these two companies, as well as Gillitts Park to help keep these support structures viable.
    • We are encouraging those residents who do not have any security response service to buy into the cell panic services offered by both companies.  This will provide access to the dedicated vehicles, and with Enforce, the knowledge that the closest cameras will be activated if a panic button is pushed.  Each company has its own unique offerings and it is up to the resident as to what he wants to do.
  •  Signage – both on gates and for the area. This is cost and Ethekwini driven and we hope to resolve these in the 2016 year.


Community Affairs. 

  • We hope to hold a selection of the following events this year.  All residents who want to support please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !! 
    • Mid-Winter BYO and AGM.
    • Music in the Park
    • Park Run/Walk/Cycle Event  
    • Carols by Candlelight 


  • We are building a database of residents and locals who have useful businesses in the area and who would like some free exposure.  The list of these service providers will be put on the website and Facebook as well as on our newsletter as a tool to help both them and all of us when we are looking for a reliable service with local references!!


Environmental Management and Control: 

  • We are focusing on these key boundary areas:
    • The rail reserve boundary - Sandra Place/Augusta area.  The Western Aquaduct is currently being constructed in this area - this involves laying of a pipeline in the reserve area.  We are working with Transnet on vegetation control, and the contractors in making a patrol road to improve our ability to secure this area.
    • The Worlds View to Valerie Road / Dovehouse Road boundary.  This challenge requires major funding and support from residents and, provided there is sufficient membership in the affected area (Worlds View, Weaver, Norton, Neville, Dovehouse and linked streets), will be the key focus of any fundraising activity this year.
  • Overgrown and vacant properties:
    • We are working with Ethekwini to list and then work through all these in our area to remove the security threat which they present.


If you like these solutions for the coming year, please support us!  We have a simple set up whereby your membership donation is R50/month, and then we ask for support for whatever special project we have on the go.  

The key is that we need a regular stream of funding to get this running properly and to achieve the goals which help to keep this area safe and a great place to live.


The most important thing is that you support the association in some form please.  

Cost of membership