Community Building

Nice to have, but what does this have to do with security?  We have been fostering a mindset of getting to know your neighbours because, simply put - people are invested in people they know and care about thus making it a vital factor in security.

If you know your neighbours and are aware of goings on in your area, you are more likely to look out for one another and notice when something out of the ordinary occurs.

We have nurtured these relationships in a variety of ways, and are extraordinarily pleased to see residents adopting this ethos and growing organically.

  • Communication - from one community chat group, it spilt into 2, then again to 4 as more and more people began to embrace the community. It's evolved from there with a myriad of offshoot interest groups; from the walking group, to the birding group and the urban farmers, it really has grown by leaps and bounds from simple chat groups, to a community movement.
  • Events - Over the years we have hosted several events, from scavenger hunts, to fun runs and fairs but our favourite is our annual Carols by Candlelight in the Ashley Dam Park. We also encourage streets to meet and have street braais to welcome new neighbours and get to know one another. 
  • Care Group - Our care group is made up of huge hearted and discreet volunteers and professionals. They look after those in our community who need support with everything from the recovery from car accidents, an elderly person who has had a fall, to addiction and abuse. We also have a safe house facility, if needed please call the GPCA Duty phone 079 774 4813 which is answered 24/7.