Neighbourhood Watch

Ten years down the road we are widely acknowledged as being a stable and effective community association which goes above and beyond the simple neighbourhood watch of those early days.  We have developed a set of systems and protocols for incident management which - lead by a diehard group of dedicated volunteers - have been working extremely well.


    A citizen patrol group has made an enormous impact on reducing criminal activity in the area.  There is a group of some 68 patrollers who drive through the area when most of us are sleeping, link up with our neighbouring patrol groups and respond with security companies and SAPS as eyes and ears when anything suspicious is seen.  This is managed on a day to day basis by Tracey Lynch and her close team, with Grant Laret overseeing the crime WhatsApp groups and vital database which allows us to be in contact with the majority of our community.


    • We encourage all residents (whether they are contributing members or not) to be added to the Security WhatsApp group relevant to their street. These groups are strictly used for security and emergent issues and are monitored full time by our GPCA volunteer responders
    • If you are not on one of these WhatsApp groups please phone the GPCA Ops phone:  071 624 2099
    • Patrollers and responders have their own WhatsApp groups and also make use of the mobile app, Zello to make sure all necessary people are in contact.  


    • Relationships with Service Providers have ensured an excellent standard of service delivery, as well as well priced monitoring and armed response fees for new clients in the area.
    • Relationships with neighbouring Neighbourhood Watches and CPF structures, allow us to collaborate seamlessly for "cross-border" incidents and to share successful programmes and ideas. 
    • The Camera Project is up and running with 11 existing cameras, with fundraising happening to introduce some more advanced technology to compliment the existing infrastructure.